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51 Taxiarxes Monastiriaka. Church Supplies and Monastery Products from Agion Oros
Monasteries and monasteries from monks and sketches of Mount Athos and the rest of Greece. Byzantine handmade hagiographies with polished gold and tsoucan. You will also find a wide range of ecclesiastical chapels, ecclesiastical items such as Mount Athos, cantallas, lemon trees, pure beeswax, etc.
52 The Novo-Tikhvin Convent
Novo-Tikhvinsky cloister was revived in 1994. Site sections: The Heavenly Abbess; About the Convent; Feasts and Weekdays; Obedience; The Convent Metochion; The Catholicon; The Chapel; From the convent’s spiritual father; Charity Projects.
53 Orthodox Liturgical Texts And Resources
The Reader Service Horologion: containing the services of Typika, the Hours, Vespers, Matins, the All-Night Vigil, Small Compline, Great Compline, The Midnight Office, the Moleben, and instructions on how to do Reader Services. The Variable portions of Typika. Chinese Orthodox texts on-line (both liturgical and non-liturgical). Liturgy in Danish. Services and Prayers in French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian. Slavonic, Spanish, Swedish.
54 Holy Trinity Church, Quebec City
Historical sketch, parish life, Orthodoxy, news, service schedule, and contacts.
55 Bizant Icons. Religious Art
Religious objects: painted silver and gold icons, sacred vessels, the ark, weddings, covers for the Gospels, censers, censer, candles, candlesticks, chandeliers, priestly vestments and other religious objects.
56 Pokimitza Filigree. Workshop for manufacturing of silver ecclesiastical artifacts
Ecclesiastical artifacts in silver filigree. News, catalogue.
57 Valaam Monastery
The official website of the Valaam monastery. Heritage and today of the monastery. Photos, music, pilgrimage, restoration, contacts, Q&A and appeal for help.
58 Orthodoxy in Freiburg. St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
Parish history, clergy and collaborators, Sunday school & divine services.
59 Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia
The official website of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia. News of Synod and Dioceses (monasteries, icons, publications, status and regulations). Orthodox organizations. History (councils, epistles, reviews & documents). Legacy (mentors, sermons, articles, directory of parishes and clergy).
60 Eudokimos and Konstantinos Giagmouris. Hieratical Fabrics and Ecclesiastical Items
In the shop of the enterprise you can find all the materials needed for the priest’s clothing, the decoration of the church and the Holy Altar.
61 Orthodox Incense
Purveyors of fine liturgical incense, charcoal, vigil lamps, lamp oil, and other liturgical items from Orthodox monasteries around the world.
62 The Orthodox Community of the Holy Trinity in Bristol
A Eucharistic Community within the Diocese of Sourozh, Moscow Patriarchate. General info, directions, services, contacts and links.
63 Sobor.By. Byelorussian Orthodox Information Portal
News & photos. Forum. Schools: catechist, bell ringers’, Sunday. Theology, publicism. Workshops for handicaped. Diaconia. Icon painting, architecture. Choir festivals. Church choirs MP3. Youth brotherhood. Kasaks. Prison chapel. Deaf people community. International contacts.
64 Kiev Theological Academy & Seminary
History, faculty, research, academic committee, education for the laity and library.
65 Orthodox Missionary Booklets of Bishop Alexander
Web site of bishop Alexander of Russian Orthodox Church abroad. Faith and life. Prayers. Services. Life of saints. Theology. Russian spiritual poetry. In English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese languages.
66 Poite Tsarevi Nashemu / Sing to Our King. Music Scores of Orthodox Chants in Slavic and English
Selected choral chants in Slavic and English. Original compositions and harmonizations of traditional chants by Johannes H. Hindriks. Scores and sound files available for free distribution and performance in Orthodox Church rites. Self-study materials to chants.
67 Orthodox Russian Singing
Church songs performed by the Choir of St. Panteleimon Russian Orthodox Church in Hartford, CT. Available in .pdf and .midi formats.
68 E-Amfia. Vestments and Fabrics
Sells fabrics, vestments accessories (priestly crosses, tassels, fringes, gallons, buttons) and other products.
69 Holy Assumption Monastery, Calistoga, California
Resources, gallery, services, directions, and contact information.
70 Russian Orthodox Church. Official Website of the Department for External Church Relations
History and the present time. His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Documents. Church news. Synodal institutions and commissions. Dioceses and Bishops. Educational institutions. Presentations and publications. The Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate. Church calendar. Pilgrimage. Orthodoxy in the world. Questions about Faith and life. Photo, video and audio archives.
71 Center Božij Dar. Manufacturing and Sales of Icon Lamps
Icon lamps of glass, bronze and porcelain. Porcelain tubes. Charcoal, incense, lamp oil, candles, icons, books, CDs and DVDs, sewing. Christening, wedding, burial goods. Souvenirs and church items.
72 Romanov Photo Index
This site contains a catalog of historical photographs related to the family of Emperor Nicholas II.
73 The Legacy of Father Alexander Schmemann. International Conference
Website dedicated to the international conference that took place in Paris on December 11-14, 2008. Audio recording of the conference, video, photos, lectures, the life and work of father Alexander Schmemann.
74 Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice
Parish, worship, clergy, visitors, questions, announcements, history, library, contacts, news and links.
75 Saiti Publications
Book publishing, calendars with religious content and icon productions, memorial items and incense by focusing on serving the needs of Orthodoxy.
76 Orthodox England. Quarterly Journal
Excerpts from the magazine. The full magazine downloadable from Vol 11 onwards. St John the Wonderworker Church, Colchester. The English Orthodox Trust. Liturgica. Icons. Sermons. Archives. Events. Orthodox Christianity and the English tradition. A directory of English-speaking Orthodox Churches in the British Isles.
77 Orthodox Photo Gallery
Venue to share and exhibit photographs presenting Orthodox Christian Tradition, culture and heritage from around the world. Registration is free. 57 000 photos (III/02/2012).
78 Draganac Monastery. Orthodox Monastic Life in Kosovo
History, videos, incense, online store and contacts.
79 Monastery Podmaine, Budva
Background information about the monastery, history, news, publications and links.
80 OrthodoxWiki. Community-edited Encyclopedia of Orthodoxy
An Orthodox wiki-community, online encyclopedia and Orthodox knowledge-management system with a discussion forum.
81 Monastery of All Celtic Saints, Mull
Building the first Orthodox monastery in the Scottish isles in more than a millennium. Vision, service diary, information for pilgrims, Celtic Christianity and the Orthodox connection, ways to help, photo, video and audio gallery.
82 Holy Resurrection Church, Göteborg
Brief presentation and contacts.
83 All Saints of North America Orthodox Church, Hamilton, ON
Parish. Education. Saints. Articles. Resources. Links. Store. Biblical & liturgical texts. Hagiography & spiritual writings. Alaskan Orthodox texts in the Aleut, Alutiiq, Tlingit, and Yup’ik languages by St. Innocent (Veniaminov), St. Jacob (Netsvetov), and others.
84 Monastery of St. Mary of Egypt in New York City
Schedule of services. Announcements. Services translated from Slavonic. Sermons. Prosphora. Sewing workshop: custom order priest vestments.
85 Skete of St. John the Theologian, Ohio. Sale of Church Goods
A monastic community of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, located in northeastern Ohio, part of the brotherhood of the Hermitage of the Holy Cross. The skete supports itself through the sale of church goods to be found on this website. Clergy, liturgical, incense, icons, and devotional.
86 The Shepherd’s Guild
A service organization for Orthodox laypersons with the purpose to provide outreach to people through service (Diakonia) as commanded by the Gospel (Matthew 25, 31-46: James 1, 27) and promulgated by St. Basil the Great of Caesarea and St. John the Almsgiver of Alexandria. Founded on September 30, 1999 and re-classified in 2001 as a religious organization by the State of South Carolina. Registered as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity with the Internal Revenue Service. Photo gallery, Saints, Anderson Greek Fest...
87 St. Vladimir Orthodox Church, Ann Arbor, MI
Schedule of services, parish life, FAQ on Orthodoxy and the parish, information on St. Xenia Sisterhood, spiritual music, daily calendar, news & updates, contacts, location, St. John of Shangkhai and San-Francisco brotherhood.
88 Russian Orthodox Convent Novo-Diveevo, Nanuet, New York
General information, church service schedule, accommodations & directions, old people’s home, contact info and related links.
89 The Archbishopric of Brussels and Belgium of the Moscow Patriarchate
News, diocese, archbishop, parishes, announcements, photo gallery, pilgrimage, education, documents, library, contacts and links.
90 Panhellenic Association of Iconographers
Profile, council, news, location, iconographers, web links and contacts.
91 Myriobiblos. Online Library of the Church of Greece
Online electronic library of Orthodox texts in English and many other languages. Library sections: Sacred Liturgy, Spiritual Life, Saints, Monasticism, Patrology, Theology, History of Church, Canon Law, Art, Philosophy, Sociology, Byzantine History, Modern Greek History, Greek Literature, Christian Europe and others.
92 Orthodox Path. Online Library
Audio & video, book presentations, catechisms & articles, contemporary issues, liturgical life, Orthodoxy around the world, lives of saints and elders, everyday spiritual life.
93 St. Elias Church, Stuttgart
Beside parish information in German, the website contains a library on Orthodox Christian faith in English.
94 Jerusalem Patriarchate
The official web site of Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Patriarch, administrative structure, news reports, the Orthodox Church, communication.
95 Hilandar Monastery, Mount Athos
Basic facts about the Holy Monastery Hilandar on Mount Athos, devastating fire in 2004, newsletters, reconstruction projects and support.
96 Pageau Carvings
Orthodox carvings of Jonathan Pageau. Icons carved in wood and stone.
97 Modern Color Printing of Prokudin-Gorskii Negatives
The creation of color photographs in the early 1900’s was technically and logistically complex. To create color images, Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii separated out primary colors, using filters, to record three black-and-white images on a glass plate. His plates themselves show no color, but consist of a series of three black and white images, one below the other on the 9-inch long, narrow plate.
98 The Rudder. 24/7 Liturgical Chant of the Eastern Orthodox Church
A 24/7 Internet Radio station providing Orthodox sacred music to the Glory of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Powered by the Orthodox Christian Network, a commissioned agency of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America.
99 Maria. Church E-Shop
Offers Orthodox products supplied from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, icons, pottery, candles and paraffin wax, silver, incense, charcoal, oils, incense, prayer beads, bracelets, holy water, candlesticks, lamps and church utensils.
100 Poznanje. Online Store
Books, icons, music, films and various articles for Orthodox home.
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