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51 St. George Orthodox Church, Oakland, CA
Parish history, clergy, calendar, events, gallery, location, services, and visitor info.
52 Holy and Right-Believing Prince Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Parish, Rotterdam
History of the Orthodoxy in the Netherlands. About the parish. Orthodox calendar. News. External links.
53 Orthodox Calendar Online
An interactive Orthodox Calendar from January 1, 1800 until December 31, 2100. You can select any date and view it on the Orthodox Calendar page.
54 Icon Painter Adamantia Karatza. Byzantine Hagiography
Orthodox handmade painted Byzantine and Russian style icons on wood and frescoes on canvas with gold leaf. All icons are painted in egg-tempera with the best quality colors according to the Byzantine hagiography old traditions and rules. The gilding technique is burnished gold.
55 The Entrance of the Mother of God Into the Temple Milkov Monastery
Situated on the right bank of Velika Morava, along with seven other monasteries which constitute Resava’s “Holy Mountain”. History, archimandrite, photo gallery, donations.
56 St Andrews Camp & Religious Center
The only 6-week overnight summer camping program within the Orthodox Church in America. The camp is operated by the Orthodox Charitable and Educational Foundation (OCEF). The camp is a resource for the Diocese of Washington and New York.
57 Saint Andrew Cathedral, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The official website of Saint Andrew Cathedral (Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate) in Philadelphia, PA. News, coming events, rector’s message, services, calendar, history of the Cathedral, Cathedral today, photos, behavioural etiquette, directions, links. Russian Imperial Fleet & Philadelphian shipbuilding company “Cramp & Sons”, battleship “Variag”.
58 Synaxis.Info. Library of Eastern Orthodox Resources
A personal web page. Liturgical texts, reference desk. Orthodox literature and homilies. Orthodox chant documentation project. Typicon translation project. Church Slavonic language resources. Medieval Russian studies. Russian Orthodox old rite.
59 New Visage. Mosaic Art Studio
Creating mosaic icons for Orthodox churches and monasteries in the best traditions of the Byzantine art.
60 Holy Monastery of St. Catherine at Mount Sinai
The peninsula, history, religious tradition, the bedouin, benefactors, monastery today, pilgrimage, cultural inheritance and the UNESCO resolution.
61 St. Gregory Biziukovo Monastery
History, photo gallery, chants, appeal for help, donations and contacts.
62 Orthodoxy in America. Russian Missionary Portal of the Orthodox Church in America
General information on Orthodoxy, life of Orthodox parishes in North America, serving the Russian-speaking population of North America. Addresses of Orthodox parishes all around the country, contacts of Russian-speaking priests. Information on the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia and parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate.
63 Russian Church of the Epiphany, Boston
A parish of the ROCOR. Contact and location information, parish chronicle, school, service schedule, parish rector’s page, photo gallery, and images of Russia (pilgrimage stories).
64 Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity
The Institute seeks to promote a vibrant mission consciousness among students and seminarians at the Orthodox theological schools and seminaries in the US. The primary focus is to instill an understanding of international cross-cultural missionary work. Events, mission articles, links, resources, newsletters, contact.
65 Serbian Orthodox Church. The Official Web-Site
Official web-site of the Serbian Orthodox Church. News, interviews, events, history, library, museum, theology, publications and links.
66 Schinteie Matei & Schinteie Maria - Kornelia. Iconographic Workshop
Gallery of icons, prices, sizes, suggestions and links.
67 Centre for Spiritual Support of the Orthodox Communities in Confinement
St. Ephrem of Syria’s Centre for Spiritual Support of the Orthodox Communities in Confinement.
68 Orthodox Parish of the Holy Apostel and Evangelist Matthew, Leuven
Parish feast, parish, history, archbishopric, calendar, catechesis, Gospel readings, sermons, agape, contact info and links.
69 Monastic Discourse. Priest-monk Makarios, Convent of the Entry of the Most Holy Virgin into the Temple, City of Ivanovo
Q&A. Articles, discussions, sermons. Marriage, family, monasticism.
70 Orthodox Christian Church Links
Directory of Eastern Orthodox Christian Church websites and related Eastern Orthodox Christian and Byzantine Church resources. Thousands of Orthodox Church links; Orthodox Church Supplies; Orthodox Icon & Orthodox Theology links; site updated weekly; free listings.
71 St. Mark Serbian Orthodox Church, Irun, Gipuzkoa
History, worship schedule and bookstore.
72 St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker Church in Birulevo, Moscow
Orthodoxy news, calendar, new martyrs, St. Nicholas Church, address, contact information, icons, photo album, Orthodox PC programs and library.
73 St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, North Wildwood, NJ
Mission, clergy, parish info & guidelines, organizations, iconology, news, calendar of events, service hours, directions, contact, gallery, and links.
74 Holy Virgin Protection Church, Nyack, NY
Announcements, events, church school, serice schedule, about Orthodoxy, articles, driving directions, bookstore, administration, and contacts.
75 Sts. Panteleimon, Anna and Paraskevi Church, Markham, York Region, ON
Church, community programs, events, contacts, and links.
76 New Skete Monastery’s Online Store
Books, CDs, DVDs, iconography, crosses, etc. News, products, and contact information.
77 Dritsoulas. Icon Gallery, Munich
Selling and purchasing of icons and Byzantine art, restoring and preserving of icons.
78 Athonite. Monastic Products
Through this website you will have the opportunity to meet the Athonite products from your home, find quality handmade primarily by monks and monasteries of the Holy Mount Athos.
79 Christianity in Icons, Murals & Mosaics
Gallery of Russian icons, murals and mosaics from 11th till 20th centuries arranged by different topics (The New Testament, The Virgin, Saints etc.), authors, iconographic schools (Novgorod, Moscow, Tver, Pskov, Vladimir etc.), current locations, etc.
80 Pilgrimage Department of the Diocese of Simferopol and Crimea
Orthodox Crimea, pilgrimage tours, Christmas holidays in the Crimea, family and school, services, events, pilgrim feedback video information and contacts.
81 Kosovo Peonies. The Life of Serbian Children in Kosovo and Metohija
Letters of 11 years old Jovana Radovanovic from Orahovac, a Serbian enclave in Kosovo and Metohija, about life and growing up on 300 metres of free territory.
82 Ikonia Plus. Workshops of Old Crafts, Novi Sad
Icon on wood, icons in the engraving, iconostasis. Iconography classes.
83 Grodno Diocese of the Belarussian Orthodox Church
Actual Orthodox news of Grodno region (Belarus).
84 St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church, Akron, OH
News, events, ministries, service schedule, and contact.
85 Saint Stiliyan. Ecclesiastical Accessories, Plovdiv
‘St. Stiliyan’ is a company specialised in the trading and manufacture of church plates, furniture, accessories and icons. We can offer everything you would need to furnish a church, a chapel or a monastery.
86 St. Sava Church School Community, Sydney
Service schedule, events, news, stewardship, school and folklore, ministries, gallery, history, and contact.
87 St. Nektarios Monastery, Roscoe, NY
Belongs to Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. General Information, daily life, hours and dress code, schedule of services, our Orthodox faith, bookstore, donations, links, contacts, and directions.
88 Archpriest Theodore Gignadze
Parish priest at the church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross in Tbilisi. Biography, video recordings, articles and books.
89 St. Elisabeth the New Martyr Church, Wallasey-Birkenhead-Liverpool
A parish of ROCOR in Great Britain with people from various backgrounds. Amidst our diversity, the things that unite us are our love for each other and our yearning to grow into the likeness of God. To all who wish to become Orthodox Christians, or who are unsure where they are on their journey of faith, or who are simply curious to visit and learn a little about what we do, we offer our love, our prayers, and our welcome.
90 The Prayer of the Heart – The Prayer of Jesus
Much of what is connected with the practice of the Prayer of the Heart is a “well kept secret”. This web site is an attempt to find some of these secrets and to help to revive the practice of the Prayer for our time.
91 St. Panteleimon’s Russian Orthodox Church, Minneapolis, MN
Church clergy & hierarchy, parish leaflets, news, calendar, schedule of divine services, photos, contact, directions, links, and donations.
92 Orthodox Teaching of the Elders
A multimedia library and an online framework featuring Orthodox Christian Spirituality through voices of contemporary Spiritual Fathers. Modern-day Elders’ reflections on the Ancient Faith of the Christian Church.
93 Rila Monastery “St. Ivan Rilski”
History of Rila Monastery, St. Ivan Rilski, curious facts, architecture, frescos, big gallery, hotel of the monastery, maps of the monastery, contacts, chat and forum.
94 St. Catherine & St. Nicolas Lebyazhya Pustin
History of the monastery, volunteering opportunities and contacts.
95 Holy Cross Church, Yakima, WA
Parish history, clergy, calendar, ministries, media, and contacts.
96 Samiotis Georgios K Sia O.E.
Golden metal and rayon fringes, golden braids, laces, gallons, cords, metallic yarns, clerical items, tassels.
97 Michalis Alevizakis. Iconographic Studio and Orthodox Painting Art
Byzantine iconography and Orthodox painting art. Icon gallery, CV, blog and contacts.
98 Holy Dormition Monastery Sarovskaya Pustyn’
Brief history of the Sarov monastery, photos and links to a collection of books on the monastery and St. Seraphim of Sarov.
99 The Rudder. 24/7 Liturgical Chant of the Eastern Orthodox Church
A 24/7 Internet Radio station providing Orthodox sacred music to the Glory of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Powered by the Orthodox Christian Network, a commissioned agency of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America.
100 St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church, Columbus, OH
Parish life, calendar, divine services, and ministries.
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